Our Assets

žThere is no short cut to perfection. So, was true for SAARANSH. When we started out in 1997, we approached the B2C Research environment with an open mind of 100% back checks. Some things struck us immediately. To compete with the older, established players who had already written off their research cost, it was important to have the very reasonable and perhaps the lowest possible research cost maintaining our philosophy of 100% back checks. Our networks would have to be set up in record time. Our freelancers utilization would have to be above 100%. And our clients’ satisfaction would have to set a record high. This demanded a round the clock planning, entrepreneurship, unity and sportsmanship, and we did that. Our people continued to achieve ever higher efficiency and never-no mind-frames. Each person was empowered to achieve excellence. The result: We are been paid dividends year by year by our clients and we are in a record height today. Our company is debt-free and we are very committed to fly more high.